How to Learn the Shutter Count? Fujifilm Shutter Count

Learning the name is as complicated as learning the number: Some call it the number of shots; some say the number of curtains, some say the number of shutter. There are people who say Shutter Count. In this article, I also discussed the shutter number (the Shutter Count – the number of shots). The first part of my article will be about learning the shutter count of the camera in general. In the second part, it will be about learning the Fujifilm Shutter Count. Don’t be afraid, learning shutter is not that hard. I have tried to explain in detail the methods of learning the shutter count of all kinds of cameras below.

What is Shutter Count?

What we mean by the Shutter Count is how many photos a camera has taken after its production. You might say, ‘Oh dear, no matter how many photos he takes, what’s wrong with us?’ While it really means nothing to some of us, it is more valuable to some of us than the camera. Automatic, manual and online shutter count learning methods are in the continuation of my article.

What is shutter count and why do we care about shutter count?

It is useful to make an analogy to answer the questions. We can compare the number of shots of cameras to the number of kilometers of a car. Just as cars with excessive mileage need to be renewed, especially the engine; In machines with a large Shutter Count, some parts, especially the curtains, may need to be renewed. In a way, the curtain life is over.

What should be the number of shutters?

It would not be correct to give an exact number for life. Because the machines are produced in such a way that they can take pictures in different numbers while they are being manufactured. For example, the theoretical shutter life of a Nikon D5 professional series camera is 500 thousand. Likewise, the theoretical life of the Nikon D3000 camera is 100 thousand, and the Canon 600D is 150 thousand. The figures mentioned are the theoretical lifetimes. As a matter of fact, many cameras can easily extend the life of the screens set for them. Recently, I saw an advertisement on Canon 1DX’s 620,000 screen number on a second-hand advertisement site. How this issue came to be is a separate article; But as you can see, if the machine is taken care of, we can easily extend the life of the curtain.

What happens if Shutter expires?

Answer: Nothing happens. You can change the pitch and continue shooting. Curtains  are not expensive either. So this is not such a big deal to worry about.

As it can be understood, the shutter count is a frequently questioned concept, especially in second-hand camera purchases. Buyers want to know how many shots the camera they want to have has. Therefore, they buy-sell or set a price according to this number. Since it is an important criterion, I will explain how to look at the shooting numbers of many current camera brands in the following paragraphs of my article.

I am so sorry 🙁

While users value the number of screens so much, why don’t manufacturers embed this information in the ‘exif info’? Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to this question. I mean, I don’t understand what a joke it is to trouble people for nothing. However, any information about the photo can be embedded in exif. In fact, some manufacturers are now making a breakthrough in this regard. There are models in their menu where you can see the number of shots. Fujifilm in particular seems to have heard the wails of users in this regard. Now let’s look at how to find the shutter count for Fujifilm cameras.

Fujifilm Shutter Count Learning

There are 2 methods to learn Fujifilm Shutter Count.

Method 1: Unfortunately, it is not as easy to learn the number of shots for Fujifilm cameras as it is for Canon or Sony. In some models, it can be viewed from the cabin section. To find out the Shutter Count on the camera, users should follow these steps.

Settings menu –> User settings —> Shutter count

Unfortunately, these settings do not apply to all models. Since I’m not a strict fuji user, I don’t know which models are available. Maybe it will be helpful to friends who read the article. I ask them to write in the comment section below. Thus, they can open a door for those who need help.

Method 2: Another way to learn Fijifilm shutter is by uploading photos online. However, the online learning sites we have listed for other brands of cameras at Fujifilm are unfortunately not valid. But according to my research, I found a way. . They can learn the number of fuji shutters by clicking on this site and uploading a photo to the upload section in the middle of the page. Unfortunately, it does not apply to all models. Unfortunately, it does not show the results of some Fuji cameras. This site also shows the number of shots of some models of Sony, Nikon or Canon cameras.

Last 2 methods for all models of all brands

++ One of the best methods for all makes and models is to look at the name of the photo. Photos are usually foldered as 10,000. The folder and photo number can give you an idea, although it is not clear.

++ I leave the most guaranteed method of seeing the number of shots to the last paragraph. Although it is a bit laborious and costly, it seems to be the definitive solution. Ask the authorized service. 🙂

A small request:

Dear readers; The above text has been taken to the keyboard in order to guide those who need it a little bit. If you see any missing or incorrect information, please let me know in the comment section. In addition, you know another way from the methods mentioned above, please help the readers by adding them in the comment section. Thank you for your attention.


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