Samsung NX Mini Features and User Review

The subject of this article will be the Samsung NX Mini review. We will start our review with the technical table, we will examine the features of the Samsung NX mini, and then we will list the positive and negative reviews of the Samsung nx mini and the ease of use. We will look at the prices of the latest Samsung nx mini and finish.

 5 color samsung nx mini  whit 3 lenses

Physical Features of Samsung NX Mini

NX mini went on sale in a very stylish, lively and performance design. Each of the 5 different color options is beautiful. I must admit that it looks very stylish with its black, white, pink, brown and light green colors and a serrated leather-like texture. It has a retro feel. There are no complicated wheels and buttons on it. There is even a mod button instead of a mod wheel. With these movements for amateur users, it also becomes easy to carry and use. In addition, the body is reinforced with magnesium. Don’t try it anyway, but it’s hard to take damage.

At the top of the camera, there is a left-to-right shutter (photo button), on-off button, direct link drop and external flash input. There is no protrusion other than the lens and the lens removal key on the front. On the face of the screen, there are all other key combinations. In addition, a serrated floor like leather is designed for the thumb in the upper right, which adds a different style. The video button is also positioned on the right diagonal of this part. It is considered almost buried to prevent accidental printing. Under this section, 9 button collections are positioned in a stylish design, symmetrical from vertical to horizontal. Menu, mode, track and delete buttons are located in the four corners and in the middle, circle keys and arrow keys in the middle. Buttons other than mode and menu 2. Even 3. Function keys are assigned and these shortcuts can be changed from menus.

Samsung NX Mini Sensor ans Lenses

Lenses mini to

Samsung nx mini was launched in 2014 with 13.2mm x 8.8mm size, ie 1 ‘BSI CMOS and 20.5 mega pixel sensor. In those years, few knew what BSI sensor was. Even now, it is the backlit sensor technology used by brands such as Sony in advanced cameras. Although this 1 ‘sensor is smaller than Apsc or m43 system, you will see that it has great features when you look at its work. At the time, it was the only competitor to the Nikon 1 series, with the sensor size corresponding to the factor factor of 2.7 x. Now, neither of them exists. Nikon 1 has been terminated and Samsung has announced its withdrawal from the industry.

The Samsung Mini is actually a mirrorless system camera and its lens can be replaced. It uses Samsung nx M as its mouth structure. With the nx m norm, Samsung is smaller than mirrorless cameras and cannot use its lenses without an adapter. They have their own unique lenses. They are very pleasant to use, although there are only a few. It is usually sold as a kit lens with a 9-27mm f3.5-5.6 lens. Apart from that, there are 17mm f1.8 and 9mm f3.5 lenses. There is no other lens. Let me repeat that we can use other nx lenses with the Samsung NX M adapter.

Samsung NX Mini Battery Capacity

Physically, I saw neither the smaller camera nor the camera. His opponent, Nikon1, couldn’t get down to these sizes. Especially it is very, very surprising. Though Samsung’s other mirrorless models are also much lighter than their competitors. It has 11 cm width, 6.2 cm height and only 2.25 cm thickness. It is 158gr without battery and 196gr with battery. The same measurements as the mobile phone are almost. But the photo quality is much better than the phones.

Interestingly, it can take about 650 frames with a tiny 2330mah battery. This number is very close to Sony’s new technology a7m3 record. The A7m3 takes 710 photos with a fully charged battery. Indeed, Nx mini achieved a significant number with 650 frames. The most important factor in this is the small size of the sensor and the absence of an electronic viewfinder. Unfortunately, I could not see the 650 number in normal use. I can say about 550 on average. But as far as I have read on different form sites, there are also 900 comfortable people. This difference in number was very much related to the lens type.
Speaking of charging, you can use a regular usb multi (micro usb) phone charger instead of a charger. This provides a great advantage. You don’t mind charging. It even charges with Powerbank. Even more beautiful, you can continue shooting while charging like other Samsung machines. One of Samsung’s biggest advantages…

Samsung NX Mini remote connection: WIFI -NFC

Nfc and wifi are also available on the Samsung nx mini. In this way, you can get many access services remotely. By connecting to the phone-tablet with wifi, you can remotely download your photos, take photos remotely. It is also very easy to share the photos taken. You can easily carry it online via facebook or social media channels. You can send e-mail or move it to the cloud.
Another wifi usage area is the baby monitor. With Baby Monitor, you can keep your baby under constant surveillance. The best part is that when your baby wakes up and cries, a notification is sent to his mobile phone. Let me tell you without forgetting; In order to control the Samsung nx mini from the phone, you need to download and install the Samsung Smart Camera application. Although connecting is a bit complicated in the first place, once you register, it gets easier.

Samsung NX Mini Iso Performance

It is valued between 160-12800 ISO. The amount of grit is really good compared to the 2.7x multiplier sensor. It can be used for at least 5 stoppages. I can say that it is also good in the next values, but the grains are beginning to stand out. It gets value between 100-25600 with its increased heat. When you shoot RAW, you can save the grain at a higher level.

Display Features

One of its most useful sides is its 3 ” screen. It is a great advantage for both vloger-youTuber and those who like to take selfies, as well as being rotated 180 degrees besides being touch-sensitive. Thanks to its touch, you can quickly focus and take photos. If the resolution was 921K or something instead of 461K, it would be perfect.

Electronic Screen in NX Mini: 1/16000 sec

One of the things he achieved over his neck is the speed of the curtain. It can go up to 1/16000 sec with electronic curtain. Under adequate lighting conditions, you can even shoot the rocket as if it was standing still.

Samsung NX Mini Flash and Video

It has a simple flash on it. It works in difficult times. Professional jobs should not wait. But an external flash also comes out of the box. If I said externally, it’s not hss or ttl supported. A little better than the built-in flash. The kind that will go in famine …

Let’s get to the video performance. You can shoot videos at 30 frames per second in full hd resolution. The quality is fine. It is possible to shoot in 0.5x slowed and 20x accelerated videos. Youtubers prefer it a lot because it can rotate the screen. If you don’t expect professional work at home, it will never let you down.

Samsung NX Mini Burst Speed and Focus Points

Burst shooting speed is up to 6 frames with full resolution photos per second. Assuming the Canikon mid segment machines are 6-8 fps, 6 frames per second is not bad at all. But after about 25 jpeg the buffer fills up. This 6 fps then goes down to 3-2 fps. Raw also has a faster shooting capacity. You should not be in a professional attachment. It is also directly related to the SD card you are using.

Samsung nx mini has 35 autofocus points. It works stably in functions such as object processing or face focus. It can miss very fast objects, but object tracking is good for everyday use. You can focus on the area you touch with the touch screen and if the tap and pull feature is on, you can also take a photo by touching the screen. Among the incoming notes that the video can be shot for 325 minutes with a 9mm lens.

Enjoyable and Easy Selfie with NX Mini

Taking a selfie is easy with the Samsung NX Mini

It is very easy to shoot both selfie and wefie in Samsung nx mini. You can see yourself on the screen rotating 180 degrees and you can pose. You can withdraw your wefie with your friends (wefie is the name of the selfies made together). Taking the photo is much easier. Just wink. It detects blinking automatically and shoots with countdown. Also, if you introduce your face to the machine, it will sense your smile, and when you laugh, it can take selfies. Also, if friends who are dealing with vloger do not think very professional, they can shoot their videos with nx mini.

Samsung NX Mini Price

As a second hand, it can find an average of $ 200 with a 9-27mm lens and around $ 150 with a 9mm lens. Although it is difficult to find unused, around 400-500 dollars is requested when it is found. There are also cheaper purchases on the global websites than the prices I mentioned. I suggest it to be investigated. Looking Samsung nx300 review this..

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