Sony A6000 User Review and Specifications

In this article, I will review the Sony alpha a6000, which I had the opportunity to use for a long time. After looking at the basic features of Sony A6000, the groundbreaking model of Sony mirrorless models with crop sensor, I will interpret the aspects to be developed with its useful sides as a user.

Camera’s Name Sony a6000
Resolution 24 mp
Sensör size Aps-c / Cmos  (1,5 x crop factor)
Shutter speed-max  1/4000  sc
ISO sensitivity 100 – 25600 (max 51200)
Video 1920 x 1080 video
Burst shooting speed 11 fps
Screen 3 ” –Flexible- 922K
Viewfinder Elektronic-1440K
Number of focus points 179 / 25 crose typ
Size 120 x 67 x 45mm
Weight 344 gr
Wifi yes
Built-in Flash yes
Battery to 360 shot
release date 23.04.2014
Extra Sony E mount, Phase detection af, face detection af, contrast detection af, nfc, Fastest Flash Sync 1/160, Hdmi, application can be downloaded.

Physical Features of Sony A6000

The most prominent feature of the A6000 is that its size is about 1/3 compared to DSLR competitors compared to machines with apsc sensor. Users of DSLRs will probably feel like they are playing with a toy machine when they take the Sony a6000. It is so compact that it can be carried in a jacket pocket. But when it comes to his work, it will be necessary to put on a hat.

Weighing only 344 g and 12cmx 6.7cm x 4.5 cm in size, it is far from the usual stencil template. The fact that it is mirrorless is the most important factor that provides this ergonomics. The main disadvantage of this easy-to-carry ergonomics stands out as its fit. It’s not easy to grasp like DSLR machines. The little finger is necessarily idle.

Sony A6000 Sensor- Processor Features

It surpasses its rivals with its 24mp resolution. Since Sony is a direct sensor manufacturer, it wants to use the important technologies it has developed first. The fast hybrid detection Cmos 24 mp APS-C sized sensor is the head. The Bionz X processor is also very successful in processing the produced data. Because it was released in 2014, the fastest autofocus performance of the world.

A6000 Button Combination

The A6000 has a total of 3 rotating knobs. Someone is the mode dial. You can set the shooting mode. The other one is the control dial so that you can assign the aperture or shutter depending on the situation. 3. The control ring located to the right of the screen. We can use this ring as a control dial or as a 5-function push button combination. I must say that I found it very successful.
You can assign your own functions with customizable buttons on the machine and dual function buttons. So you can make usage faster and more convenient.

A6000 Video Feature

Besides the photo resolution, the video performance is also very ambitious. It can record full hd video up to 60 frames per second. Although it is far from being the choice of professional videographers because there is no log support, it is enough to work with more of the amateur ones in the video like me. I should also mention that there is no microphon input.

Sony A6000 ISO Features

The ISO value of up to 25600 provides great advantages. In photography, sandblasting can be used easily for jpeg at 1200-1600 iso values. It is much easier to remove sandblasting in iso while editing raw. Minimum 100 iso value is sufficient for this type of machine. It can be at minimum iso 50 values ​​in higher level cameras such as A7 m2. Although it can save lives in difficult times to reach maximum 51200 iso value, it is obvious that one should not expect much in terms of aesthetics.

A6000 Burst Speed

One of my favorite features is the number of shots it can take at full resolution per second. It can take exactly 11 frames per second. The ruddy sound of the curtain is still echoing in my ears while shooting serially. It’s like a scanning rifle. I must point out that you do not expect mirror sound from such machines like DSLR. It is impossible for them to give voice in this toughness because they do not have mirrors.

Viewfinder and Screen

The 1440k electronic viewfinder can stay a little light for machines in the professional segment; But let us state that it is normal compared to the machines in its own cement. It works just fine. Likewise, it is easy to use the 922K resolution screen that can rotate up and down. The screen is 3 “and the viewfinder is about 0.39”. If the touch function was added on the screen, it would be perfect.


Thanks to wifi, it can easily synchronize with android and ios mobile phones. You can quickly take the photos you take to your mobile phone in full resolution or lower resolution. A photo of 24 mp takes 1 or 1.5 seconds to land on the phone. Similarly, you can control your phone and take photos with your mobile phone. You can even zoom in with powerzoom lenses. I must mention that you should install the imaging edge mobile (formerly PlayMemories) program on your phone so that you can communicate with wifi.

Another feature of Sony that I do well is the ability to install programs on cameras. You can download very useful programs from Sony’s website by connecting the machine to the computer with a USB cable and logging in. For example, the ‘tochless shutter’ (photocell shutter) that allows you to take a photo by bringing your hand in front of the viewfinder or ‘fhoto retuch’ for editing the photo. You can follow all the programs on playmemoriescameraapps page. While some programs are paid, many applications are offered for free.

On the left side of the Sony A6000, there are two input options, HDMI and multiple inputs under one cover. SD card input is at the same point with the battery; so at the bottom. There is no other input / output in the A6000. There is no microphone or headphone output either. It would be very useful for those who will shoot videos if there was at least a microphone input. The lack of microphone output also makes it not preferred as a YouTuber camera. Another situation that I can criticize and make it difficult to use is the insertion of the SD card under the battery cover. You have to open the battery cover every time you want to remove the card. Sad…

Sony A6000 Flash

It turns off, or the pop-up flash actually does things larger than its size. I can also give you user advice. Since the flash is spring loaded, if you use it by changing its angle, you can also eliminate the risk of explosion of your special shots such as portraits. But the feature I don’t like about the flash is that its sync speed is only 1/160 sec. Many competitors are at least 1 / 200sec. I wish it was faster.

Focus Points

The Sony a6000 leaves all competitors in the skin, with a total of 179 focus points, 25 of which are cross-type. There are enough focus points to cover almost the entire screen. It is very successful in both filming and photography, especially in AF-C mode, without missing the subject.

Sony A6000 Charge Battery

Another feature I like is that it can be charged with the phone charger (USB3) I have been dreaming of for years. So you don’t have to carry a rough charger with you externally. It can be easily recharged even with PowerBanks. The full stuff varies depending on the adapter, but it takes about 1 and a half hours. A charger comes out of the box because they will not use the phone charger. While it needs to be improved, it should be able to take pictures while charging. I wish he was shooting while charging like Samsung’s.

The Sony a6000 uses the FW50 battery just like many other mirrorless Sony. Approximately 350-360 shots can be taken. Less than 350 shots for the camera. Dslr users will seriously disrupt this situation. When going on a trip, you definitely need a spare battery.

Sony A6000 Current Price

The Sony A6000 kit can be taken with a 16-50mm lens or just as a body. In addition, a dual lens option is on sale. I mean double lens 16-50mm beside 55-200 mm telezoom lens. The plain body is 500 dollars in the global market, the body + 16-55mm lens is 650 dollars; body + 16-55mm + 55-200 mm lenses with a sale price of around $ 850.

A6000 Lenses

As with all Sony mirrorless mounts, e mount. It is directly compatible with e-mount lenses on the market, and for Sony a mount Sony brand or Minolta brand lenses, lea-a1 and lea-a2 can be used from 4 different adapters that Sony has released. The lens range is expanding day by day, and the high quality makes users happy. The only thing that saddens the wearers is that the e-mount lenses are expensive. They’re really expensive and that’s why some users tend to use a mount lenses. Because the price corresponds to the ¼ price.

As a result;

The Sony A6000 and the Apsc sensor broke new ground. Later, he constantly raised the bar for other models that he released. In this way, Sony has the voice of the mirrorless market. The A6000 is a camera with a high price performance. It is easy to carry, has the characteristics of the era such as wifi, and has a high acceptability due to the fact that the 2nd Hand market is quite high.
Let your light be of good quality …

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