Samsung Nx 45mm f1.8 2D-3D Lens User Review

I see this lens as one of the most interesting products that Samsung has produced during the short time it has been in the professional camera market. In this article, we will examine the Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2D-3D Lens with 45mm, max f 1.8 aperture produced for apsc sensor, with ifn and 3d features, good quality and also easy to carry with its compact structure. Since Samsung has 2 Nx compatible 45mm lenses, I should especially mention at the beginning of the article: the lens we examined is a 45mm model that can take 3D videos and pictures.

First of all, I thought why it was a 45mm lens rather than 50mm for a long time. Although I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer, I wanted it to reach around 70 mm in 35mm format and be the ideal focal distance for the porte. Offering a 34.7 degree viewing angle, it once again shows an ideal lens groove for portrait shooting.

Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d Specification

Lens Name Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2D-3D ifn
Building materials Metal – Plastic
Weight 122g
Length 6,2mm
Optical Element 7 elements in 6 groups
Minimum focus distance 50 cm
Number of diaphragm leaves 9
Anti-shake No
Max- min aperture From 1.8 to 23
Filter diameter 43 mm
Made in Japanese-Korean

Physical Features of Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d

As always, let’s start with the physical properties of our lens. Our Samsung 45mm 3d lens is as portable and small as its minimum counterparts, 50mm. The first difference from other competitors, while others are Full frame compatible, 45mm 3d lens is designed only as apsc compatible. The second is the ability to shoot 3D video. As is known, the nx system was terminated before it could produce a full frame machine. So all of their lenses are apsc compatible. It is very easy to carry with its weight of 122 gr. With its front and back covers closed, it can be carried in a jacket pocket with its length of almost 6 cm. There are two buttons on it. Here, thanks to these buttons, it differs from all other competitors. While many other brands with competitors have an af-mf button on the lens, instead of the mf-af button, there is a 2d-3d transition button and a Samsung brand-specific ifn button. I have explained the functions of these buttons in detail below;
Filter diameter is 43mm. Although the price is saved for the filter, it is not easy to find. The diameter of the lens itself is about 6 cm. It is also firmly attached to the body with the brass bayonet. Its auto focus is very good with 8 pins. Like most Samsung lenses, this lens is available in both white and black. The lens I examined is black. I used nx30 as a camera.

Samsung nx 45mm f2, 160 iso, 1/320, whit samsung nx30 camera

Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d Optical Structure and Aperture

Samsung nx 45mm f1.8, 100 iso, 1/60 sec, whit samsung nx30 camera

It was launched in 2013 as a prime lens with 7 lenses in 6 groups. Unfortunately, it took 3 years to understand its value. And unfortunately, the job was laid off; Samsung camera had already decided to withdraw from the market. It has found the title of the world’s first lens capable of shooting 3D videos and photos once, and it will remain until the end. It is better than many premium lenses that I encounter with color and contrast aspect. Nikon 50mm and Canon 50mm remain the lens of this lens. I must say that he has a sweet color gamut in his full decision. Although the contrast is good at f1.8, it also finds its consistency at f2.8.

Thanks to its 9-leaf diaphragm blades, it can produce near-circular bokeh. Although the bokeh is not characteristic, it is very clean. As if you made the back blurry with the program. Flat but effective. 2. Important element of diaphragm leaf number distinguish brother from other 45mm. While his brother has 6 leaves in 45mm, it is designed as 9 pieces in our lens which is 3d. Waist portrait can be taken up to f4. He is very successful in bokeh and portraiture.

CA and Vignette at Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d

Samsung nx 45mm f2,8, 100 iso, 1/13 sec, whit samsung nx30 camera

It was not possible to observe chromatic aberration directly. You can see with the naked eye when you magnify the fringes in the lightest diaphragm, sometimes in hard light glows, in the 20 mp photo. I could not find any data on whether any coating was used; but I think it was used if they could control CA so much.

Corner blacks or vignetting can not be observed even in f1.8. If you put the same frame with f4 side by side, only a slight darkening can be observed. It’s not annoying. It is also very difficult to observe. Frankly, I found it quite successful in vignetting.

3D Shooting in Samsung NX 45mm f1.8

Let’s come to the most important feature that distinguishes this lens from its competitors: 3D feature. The ability to shoot 3D videos and photos may be an adequate excuse to have this lens. With the increase of three-dimensional televisions worldwide, what people are looking for is 3D videos. Assuming that the size of a normal movie is about 2 hours, people enjoy 3D videos of 5-10 minutes. It is very enjoyable to watch a tiny camera and 3D videos created with this lens. Especially the video of someone from the family is much more enjoyable.
3D video quality is unexpectedly satisfactory through a simple lens. Nobody should expect a 3d performance like thousands of dollar cameras. But to see that my concerns before acquiring the lens disappeared after watching the video with my 3d glasses, it spilled water. I should also mention that some 3d settings on the menu of the machine also affect the quality. There are even settings that affect whether it can be played on televisions or supported computers. It is useful to try and use while using.

It can also take 3D photos but …

Although I like 3d video performance, I will not be able to comment much because I have not tried the 3d photo feature. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a platform that can show 3D photo output in MPO format. The televisions I tried did not open this format. It is hard to find a program to open on computers. Even if we find it, we need to find a 3D capable motherboard. Unfortunately, I could not open and look at it because I could not find such a computer around me. I did not find very clear information in my research. When you switch to 3d mode, it fixes the diaphragm to f6. It also restricts a number of variables, including autofocus mode. For example, you cannot intervene in ISO. It automatically switches to ISO mode.

Special ifn Button for Samsung

The ifn button on most of the Nx lenses is one of the important features that distinguishes Samsung company from the others. Our lens also has this function button. When you press this button, a popup menu appears on the screen. This menu includes aperture, iso, exposure compensation, white balance, and smart zoom. Each time you press ifn, it goes to the next title. Just tap the adjustment wheel or the lens sharpening ring to get inside the heads. The clarity ring job was particularly good; it allows you to make your settings quickly. Of course, friends who switch to Samsung from other brands may be a little bit tricky, but after a few tries they will find it useful.
Distortion cannot be observed visually, even at close range. Flat objects that are taken very closely can tilt slightly, but I don’t think it is necessary to focus on this defect, as this is generally an issue in all of these lenses.

Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d Sharpness and Bokeh

There is something to say about its sharpness. Its sharpness at 1.8 aperture is satisfactory, but it starts to show its performance around f2.5. F2.8 also has a great sharpness. I mostly use f2.2. I think it’s better than F1.8. You know, you can use digital aperture lenses even at quarter stops. Meanwhile, we have said that the lens is fully electronically controlled.

Samsung nx 45mm f2,2, 100 iso, 1/600 sec, whit samsung nx30 camera

Finally, let’s talk about the autofocus speed. Like a regular light jet like a low light THY plane. He satisfied me with more. It is also very very quiet. Super Sonic Actuator (SSA) engi

ne ensures that it is so quiet. Its silent feature works better in video. With the autofocus feature, video shooting is fun and fast. Also, the front optics do not rotate during focusing and the lens does not stretch or shorten. The whole focus thing takes place inside the lens. But rarely, I also had problems with focusing. In both the video and the photo. Sharpness has come and gone a few times but not in sufficient distance. I thought I should add it even though I met it in a rare situation.
Downsides of Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d

Although it is a lens with many positive features, it does not have a few negative aspects. The most obvious negative aspect of our Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d lens is that it breaks points. Parasolay can be screwed on like a 43mm diameter filter. Hard to put on and take off. It also cannot be worn in the opposite way. So you will either wear it and move it together or you will never use it like me. Pööfff … Obviously, he remained in the classroom about his money.

Samsung nx 45mm f2, 100 iso, 1/2000 sec, whit samsung nx30 camera

Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d Price

The price of the Samsung nx 45mm 3d lens is sold for around $ 300-350 in the second quarter of 2020. I think the price is quite affordable for a fully automatic lens with 45mm f1.8 aperture with 3d performance. Zero is still sold for $ 500 on major sites around the world.
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As a result:

In this article, we reviewed the Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d lens. I would definitely recommend this lens to those who want to buy this lens, which is not at the bottom of the 50mm lenses in the market in terms of both optical quality and mechanical quality. It was a complete portrait lens. I recommend it a second time because the pricing of this lens, whose focus speed – sharpness – colors are very successful, is also affordable. The ability to take 3D videos and photos, which is its most important feature, will already be the aim of owning it. Therefore, it is one of the rare automatic lenses that can be purchased at this price with this capability.

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