As the second best camera after the NX1 model, which is the best camera of Samsung company, we examine the Samsung NX30, which was released in 2014. The NX 30 is the latest generation of mirrorless models, which are released as NX10 –NX11 –NX20 respectively. In this article, we discussed the Samsung Nx 30 u and the kit lens Samsung nx 18-55mm in all aspects.

Samsung Nx 30 Specifications

Camera’s Name Samsung NX 30
Resolution 20 mp
Sensör size Aps-c / Cmos (1.5 x multiplier)
Shutter speed-max   1/8000 sec
ISO sensitivity 100 – 25600
Video 1920 x 1080video
Burst shooting speed 9 fps
Screen 3 “- Rotatable – 1036K – Touch
Viewfinder Electronic viewfinder – 2359K
Number of focus points 247
Size 127 x 96 x 58 mm
Weight 375 g
Wifi Yes
Built-in Flash Yes
Battery Up to 360 shots
release date 3.01.2014
Extra Samsung nx Mount, Contrast detection af, Phase detection af, Face detection af, Fastest Flash Sync 1/200, usb2, Hdmi, microphone input,

Samsung NX 30 Shutter Speed

NX30 is one of Samsung’s most professional cameras. It was asked to respond to the demands of professional users by using all the blessings brought by technology. The first of the important features that is equipped is that the shutter speed can go up to 1/8000 seconds. The shutter speed can only be up to 1/4000 in many professional cameras.

Physical Features of Samsung NX 30

First of all, it has a structure that fits comfortably in the hand. There is a small ledge to support the thumb at the back, and the direct video capture button is on the ledge. The thumb can never go beyond this ledge to accidentally switch to video format. This simple overhang greatly enhances the machine’s right-hand grip. There is no feeling that it will run out of hand

Apart from that, there is a 4-function driving mode dial next to the menu dial button in the upper section. The driving mode dial is a feature that is not common with other cameras. It has 4 different categories: single, multiple, timed shooting and bracketing.

SAMSUNG NX30’s Screen;

NX30 3inch 720 * 480 resolution, 100% field of view, equipped with Super Amoled screen. The screen can be opened to the left and rotates 180 degrees from the top and 180 degrees from the bottom. So wherever you look, the screen can be rotated to you. This makes it easier to take selfies. Since the screen is rotatable, it can be turned in or turned out while it is closed. It is beneficial to leave it inside because it prevents rubbing and scratching anywhere on the screen, including the bag. Apart from that, another feature we want to talk about is the quality of the screen. Samsung company has already shown this on their mobile phones.

The screen is also touch. Due to its touch, you can easily access the menus and quickly review the photos you have taken. It should not be forgotten to focus fast by touching. If you are someone who uses the screen frequently instead of the viewfinder, it will be very useful for you.

Keys of the SAMSUNG NX30

It consists of 6 keys placed on the right side of the screen and 3 keys placed on the top, there is no key on the left side. Only in the upper left corner is the flash on and off button. The keys on the right side of the screen are EV, AEL, Menu, FN button, which we can control the features, photo show button and delete drop. At the same time, there is a combination of buttons that can be used as a dial at the same time, which is not a complete joystick of Sony company with a rotatable feature. Samsung has called this key the ‘navigation button.’ At the top there is a direct link (wifi) and Metering mode (metering) button near the shutter. Here you can quickly set the WiFi key from the functions. It can be used as a baby monitor or different wifi features.

There is a wheel right in front of the shutter button. The firm called the control button. A small part of the wheel can be seen from above, the majority of them are embedded in the machine. So only the part that is available to translate is above. Regardless of which mode you use the shutter or aperture to change settings in this regard. If you are using the manual mode, the wheel above changes the shutter speed. It changes the diaphragm in a similar wheel called the dial just to the right of the screen. Unlike other brands, the control wheel is placed vertically, not horizontally.

Rotatable EFV viewfinder;

The biggest feature of the NX 30 model that differs from the NX20 and earlier versions is its viewfinder. Since it is a continuation model, there is an electronic viewfinder in the NX30. However, different from its other successors, the evf visor can move forward approximately 2 centimeters and can turn upwards at an angle of approximately 80-85 degrees. What is the advantage of this can be argued, it will not be a big advantage in normal use. Maybe it can provide advantage in difficult conditions. I can not say that it is very useful, but as a feature, Samsung has used this method for self-development. But I have to emphasize that its resolution is very good. It offers a resolution of 2359 K pixels. High resolution makes itself felt especially with focus magnifications.

Kit lens nx 18 55 mm

NX30 comes out of the box with the 18-55 Kit lens. ‘Samsung nx 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 ios iii i function’ kit lens is not too big. For example, it is not the same size as Canon DSLR models. It’s not as big as the 18-55mm vr2 version Nikon is trying to shrink and change. A simple-to-use lens and the shooting quality is really good. Focusing on the nearest point cannot be performed in automatic mode. When you put it into DMF mode when you put it in manual mode or when we say direct manual mode, you can focus manually with your hand much closer to the ring. This gives a close taste to the macro. So it’s a nice feature. It has a filter diameter of 58 millimeters.

Another feature that Samsung has released on the market, unlike other companies, and the i-Function (ifn) button on the lens. When you press the ifn button, ‘i menu’ appears on the screen. From this menu, you can quickly change your aperture, Iso, exposure compensation or WB selections. they also made a useful feature. There is a feature called zoom in i menu. From this menu, you can make digital zoom up to 1.2, 1.4, 1.7 and 2 x zoom and you can take your photo from the size you want. A useful and beautiful feature. I think it will be very useful for macro and bird photographers.

Input-output relations in SAMSUNG NX30;

In the meantime, I would like to talk about the input and output relations of the NX30 here. The NX30 has a USB charging port and HDMl input on the right side. On the left side, there is a tiny and microphone-only input. It is closed with a circular plastic assembly. For the first time, I saw in this machine that a place with a microphone input is left only for the microphone.

SAMSUNG NX30’s Flash

If I need to talk about your flash; matching speed is very nice. I can say that it detects the light in the environment and accordingly Flash firing is perfect. There is neither darkness nor explosion. I can say that it enlightens the environment in its decision. It is not overpowered, its power is good compared to a normal kit Flash.

Video features of SAMSUNG NX30;

With the Samsung NX30, it is possible to shoot full HD video up to 50p. I must say it is a quality video shoot. Plus, slow and accelerated video capture is also available. Slow or accelerated video does not record sound. It is only suitable for entertainment in accelerated and slowed down videos. Otherwise, sound recording can be done in stereo.

ISO Performance of SAMSUNG NX30;

To examine ISO performance; NX30 has ISO sensitivity up to 25600. However, if you say how much of it can be used, approximately ISO 1600 can be used. The general problem of non-full-frame machines is that ISO performance is lower than the others. It would not be right for us to expect Full Frame performance from NX 30. However, according to the technical features of the NX30, I would expect ISO success to be one click better. Automatic ISO is available. However, ISO values ​​progress in two layers. Full balls can be selected. Intermediate stops can be used when the cascade is selected as 1/3 from the menu.

Another point we will talk about for the NX30 is its battery. Its full battery can last up to 350 shots. Samsung company sends a charger with the machine; But there is no need for a charger, you can charge the phones easily with the charging adapters. It fills the charge fast when we plug it in. One of the plus cases of Samsung company is that it can take videos or photos while the camera is charging. If you have a Power Bank that you carry for your phone, it may disappear if you buy any spare batteries.

3d video and photo with 45mm f1.8 lens

Nx30 is able to take 3d photos and videos with the 45mm 1: 1.8 3d lens produced by Samsung for the first time in the world. 3D first appeared with the nx300. It continued with some models that came out later. Nx30 can also produce 3d photos. But only with a 45mm lens. If the company had not withdrawn from the camera market, it would probably continue to produce such lenses. But for now there is only one lens. This special lens can produce 3D shots with double eye technology. The images produced are not bad at all. Not even for this first-time technology. Of course, it cannot be as ambitious as 3d video cameras in the specially produced cinema industry. Let us also immediately state: Specially produced screens and glasses are needed to view the 3D images produced. Otherwise, the created images will look worse than normal.

Click for detailed review of Samsung NX 45mm f1.8 2d-3d lens.

Remote Access to Samsung NX 30: Wifi

It is also possible to access the Samsung NX30 by phone thanks to remote wifi. After downloading the Samsung Smart Camera app on your phone or tablet, you set the wifi mode on the mode dial on your machine. After pairing the phone and camera, you can shoot remotely and at the same time, you can exchange photos and videos. Remote access via wifi is already a must for today’s cameras. An extra feature of the Samsung NX30 is that it can directly connect to Wifi Internet networks and share the photo of your choice via social media; or you can send it to someone by e-mail. It can also be used as a baby monitor. If you cry when you install it in the baby’s room, the phone will receive a notification.

To summarize:

Samsung NX30 is a camera that can be used and will not upset its owner. It has many technological superior features. If you are at the stage of owning the machine, you should find solutions to two issues: First; low lens range. The second is the disadvantages of Samsung’s withdrawal from the camera market. If your answers to these questions are clear, I recommend you to get them without thinking.

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