Sony company entered the full frame series to bring a different breath to the mirrorless camera market. It has been a monopoly for a long time since the first day it entered in the full frame market since it is a sector that no company has entered. In this article, we are here with Mirrorless Full Frame Sony county A7m1 review. I will start with the remarkable features of the sony a7 mark1.

Sony A7 m1 Specifications

Full frame sensor with 24 megapixel cmos sensor
50-25600 iso range
117 focus points, 25 of which are cross-type
Full hd 60p video
File transfer and remote control via wifi and nfc
2.4 mp 100% coverage electronic viewfinder
3 inch movable screen
1/8000 – 30 sec shutter speed + bulb mode
1/250 flash sync speed
5 frames per second
416 g weight (474 ​​with battery)
Rugged body resistant to magnesium alloy dust

My goal would be to present you with a user review rather than a technical review. You can already find technical reviews on many sites, no need to repeat. Lets start; Here you go:

Sony A7 m1 Physical Features

When it is first handled, it has a structure that gives the retro air even if it is not at high dose. The first impression of someone who used a 35mm full-frame dslr camera before will be that this camera is a toy. You may not believe that the full-frame sensor can fit these sizes. Weighing approximately 450g, the Sony a7m1 has almost all the technological features of that time according to the release time.

As grip ergonomics, I cannot say that it fits 100% in the hand. Someone who used Dslr before will not be able to face this situation for a while. It feels a little strange. It is not as if he is working in a professional business, but rather like a ‘let’s go on holiday’ machine. But this situation is not permanent, you get used to it after a while and it gives the feeling of quality. (Don’t be misunderstood, this is not the first feeling that the machine has already made in quality.)

During use, the shutter button feels somewhat opposite to the ergonomics of the index finger. It is necessary to lift your finger up a bit to press the shutter. But once you get used to it, this strange thing disappears.

Sony A7 Button Combination

It is possible to assign many features to the shortcut keys positioned around the front screen, and in this way you can customize your camera as much as possible. However, one of the keys is (C2) put in such a place that someone with a little bit of fingers feels almost unable to step on the small key from where they try to hide it. And when this key is in playback mode, it is used frequently because the selected photo is the magnification key. I exaggerate! It’s not too bad to be printed. Sony must have heard these criticisms that it solved this problem in the 2nd series.

Using the spinning wheel just to the right of the screen is very simple. It works in 5 ways. It can be used as a shortcut to 4 sides or it can be used to give direction. And my favorite part is that you can assign iso, snaps or apertures for use during shooting, and just turn it left or right to increase or decrease. It can also be used like a dial. Convenient to use dial buttons on the top and front and back; Easy to interfere with thumb and index fingers. We also need to touch the FN button. A total of 12 quick setting functions can be used, 6 + 6, which can be described as a short cut while shooting. It makes sense to upload the most used settings here.

It can be seen in the photos edited with 16 bit compressed and 14 bit raw support that the dynamic range of Sony a7 is sufficient. You can save unexploded areas in the photos you have edited and you can also edit the dark areas with a little texture to your satisfaction.

Sony A7m1 remote connection and Add Additional Features


With the Playmemories (now called imaging edge mobile) application offered by Sony company free of charge in Google play and Apple stor, it can be easily remote controlled by wifi wireless technology. The pictures can be copied to the phone or tablet with the original .jpeg extension. In addition, the camera can be remotely controlled by phone. Any value can be easily changed, such as iso-diaphragm estantane. This saves users from overhead: no need to take control.

Another thing that needs to be highlighted here is that you can develop your camera by installing useful applications on the body of the sony a7 from Sony’s website. Many applications are free and available in paid applications. I can say that there are many useful applications. We can not buy paid applications from our country.

Sony A7 Iso Sensitivity

The ISO performance of the a7m1 is good. It uses the power given by the full frame sensor. The minimum value is ISO 50 and the maximum value is 25600. This value range also provides 9 stop advantages. Although using the highest value doesn’t seem very logical, small values ​​are obviously a problem. It is not difficult to distinguish the ISO difference from models with crop sensors such as the a6000, which has been released recently. It can be used easily up to 2 thousand values. If we don’t enlarge the photo, the high iso effect is hard to see. Although it is not much better than the equivalent cameras of other brands, there is nothing left behind.

With 1/8000 shutter speed, you can take photos very quickly in lots of light. The pitch sound does not come from the mirror like in DSLR. I can not say that it sounded very full.

While the biggest plus of the A7 models is the smaller and lighter than the others, the biggest drawback is that there is no vibration damping system (ibis) in the body. Of course there are other differences, but this is the biggest glaring difference.

Sony A7 Lens Combination

Sony A7m1 is the first full-frame mirrorless model. A new technology and a new concept. The Sony A7, the new mirrorless mouth structure, also uses Sony. You can wear any type of mount lens. Since the e-mount lenses that have been produced until now are produced for crop machines, they can make a corner darkening in full frame. But Sony also thought about it and added an option to the machine where you can use crop sensor lenses. If you activate this function, there is no tarnishing in the corners, but the resolution of 24 mp decreases by about 13 mp. Unfortunately, every rose has a thorn. Meanwhile, there is FE on the Full Frame compatible lenses; note. There are about one hundred kinds of mount lens alternatives with the introduction of other manufacturers (such as sigma, tamron, tokina). It will increase over time.

Let your light be Quality …

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