What is a selfie? How to take good selfies? Tricks of taking selfies

Hello, Nowadays, the number of selfies produced in only 1 day reaches millions, the subtleties of taking selfies; We have compiled the tricks for taking selfie for you. We will focus on what is selfie, how to take a selfie, and what to look for when taking a selfie.

What do you say selfie? It can be called self-photographing with a device capable of taking pictures. This device can be a camera or a mobile phone …

Subtleties – Techniques for Taking Good Selfies

A.  Don’t say selfie! If you are not an adolescent or a teenager, don’t take your own photo of the opposite minute. If you will, take a little bit of attention. Straighten your hair, renew your dress. Do not humiliate yourself by shooting in the toilet or shower. Nobody wonders what you are doing in the toilet. So don’t be silly. Briefly give importance to selfie.

Taking photos is important, as well as taking selfies. I say let’s take care when taking selfies, but there are no people using selfies as entertainment tools. Even when you search on google, the cat-dog elephant monkey that takes the selfie comes out in front of you. Please take some seriousness even when the cat takes care …

B. The background of the photo is very important in self-portrait as well as in the photo shoot. Make sure that no ridiculous items are in the background. Or make sure it is neat. If there is a beautiful object in the background, the composition will be stronger.

C. Don’t stop the lamb like that. Give your own pose. Use it if there is a pose that you like to take and that suits you. Have a smile on your face. Your natural smile is more important than artificiality. Do not expect much from the self, taken flat with a pout face.

D. If you are going to be photographed while eating or drinking something, take it as if the food is in your mouth and not when it is in your mouth. Food should never come into contact with the teeth. Withdraw a few cm ahead. Otherwise, you cannot get rid of lynching attempts when you share it on social media.

E. It is very important to use light when taking pictures. It will be very important to use the light correctly while taking the selfie. Using natural light will add a different aesthetic to the photo. For example, if you are in a closed environment, take a selfie with your face facing the window near the window. Thus, your entire face will be illuminated with natural light. If you are outdoors, your entire face will either be in the shade or stay in the light.

Use Wide Angle

G. We would like to shoot selfies when you go to different places or meet a special acquaintance. Therefore, who or what will enter the frame is very important. Use as wide viewing angles as you can to photograph more people and areas. There are several ways to get a wide angle.

1. Try to keep the camera as far away from you as possible. The farther the wider the angle… the best way to shoot remotely is to use a selfie stick. Especially bluetooth connected selfie sticks will provide ease of use. It is also easy to carry.

2. Use the larger of the phone’s cameras, if available. Recently, phones with up to 4 cameras have been released. One of these cameras will be wide angle. Especially in landscape shots, these wide angles will be very useful.

3. Use wide-angle converter lenses for phone cameras. It is very practical and comfortable to use. It is attached to the front of the camera with a clip and increases the angle of view of your camera. If you are using a camera, use a wide-angle lens.

Know Your Phone or Camera

H. Take advantage of the phone’s selfies. In mobile phones, each brand has its own selective shooting technologies. For example, in Samsung, you can command chees with voice commands and take automatic selfies. Or at LG, you can open your palm on the front camera and start the selfie shooting by making a fist. And you can use the shooting mode from the headphones of the iPhones. Using such easy applications will make you take selfies much easier. Otherwise, it is necessary to use two hands; Half of the double-handed selfie frame will be hands or arms.

I. You can also use the selfie ring (selfie light) to illuminate the face. It is a product that is attached to the mobile phone with the help of a simple latch but has a great advantage. It will make you look more beautiful by brightening your face.

J. Make sure the phone’s camera is clean. It should not be misted or oily. Otherwise, it will have a direct negative effect on the photo. When you share on Instagram, they make fun of being taken on the phone without a camera.

K. If you are going to share your photo on a more important platform rather than its peer-to-peer environment, I suggest you edit it by doing some simple operations with the editing tools. You can adjust the factors such as light, color and contrast, and you can easily remove spots like acne with the help of some programs like snapseed. They even developed editing programs for selfies.

L. When taking the photo, make sure that your camera or phone is at average eye level. In selfies taken from too low or too high, the posture of your face will be more interesting than the absence of the background. Photographs taken at eye level should be preferred for natural views.

M. From time to time, the self-timer feature of your phone or camera can be very useful for taking selfies. With the timer feature, when you fix your phone and press the photo button, it counts back 10 seconds and takes the picture. You can take your pose by switching to your own place for 10 seconds.

Attention please! Don’t Let Selfie Become A Disease

Selfitis is the latest fashion-rich illness of the human being, which has been dragged into chaos with the emergence of various diseases in the world and in our country. This mental disorder, called self-suffering, can be difficult to control. It is too dangerous to be thrown into the wild. It is getting harder day by day to deal with selfi viruses targeting the adolescent group. He warned me. Do not compete with each other in absurd places to shoot selfies with absurd poses; don’t get selfitis disease.

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