What is Shutter Count? Learning Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Shutter Count

What is Shutter Count?

What we mean by the number of shutters is how many photos a camera has taken so far after its production. You can say, “Oh, dear, how many pictures do you take?” Although it doesn’t really mean anything for some of us, it is more valuable to some of us than the camera. Automatic, manual and online shutter number learning methods continue to write.

 Why do we care about the Shutter Count (number of shots) ?

It is useful to make a simulation for the answer of these Questions. The number of shots of the cameras can be compared to the number of kilometers of a car. Just as the cars that have over km have to be renewed, especially the engine; In machines with a large number of curtains, some of their parts, especially curtains, may need to be renewed. In a way, the curtain lives.

So what should the shutter count be?

It would not be correct to give a clear number for life. Because while the cameras are being manufactured, they are produced in such a way that they can take different numbers of photographs. For example, a Nikon D5 professional serial camera theoretically the shutter life is 300 thousand. Likewise, the Nikon D3000 camera’s theoretical life is 100 thousand and Canon 600D is 150 thousand. The figures mentioned are their life in theory. As a matter of fact, many cameras can easily extend the screen life that is cut. Passers have also seen an advertisement in Canon 1DX’s 620 thousand screens in a second-hand advertisement site. How to reach this number is a separate article subject; However, as it is seen, if the machine is looked good, we can easily extend the curtain life.

What happens if the shutter life is over?

Answer: Nothing. You can change the screen and continue shooting. Curtain prices are not too expensive. In other words, this is not a big enough event to worry about.

As it turns out, the number of shutters is a highly questioned concept, especially in the purchase of second-hand cameras. Buyers want to know how many shots the camera they want to have. Therefore, they trade or price according to this number. Since it is an important criterion, I will explain how to look at the number of shots of many current camera brands in the following paragraphs of my article.

I have a request:

Why do manufacturers not embed this information on ‘exif information’, while users value the number of screens so much? Unfortunately I couldn’t find an answer to this question. So I don’t understand what kind of joke it is to bother people in vain. However, any information related to photography can be embedded in exif. In fact, some manufacturers are now making a breakthrough in this regard. There are models in the menus where you can see the number of shots. Although it is hard to make camel ballet…

Learning Canon Shutter Count

One of the easiest brands to shoot is Canon. There are two kinds of method for learning Canon shutter count:

Finding Canon Shots Online:

There are several different ways to learn the number of Canon shutters. The most comfortable of these is the number of Canon online shutters. In this method, we upload the last photo you took on the websites. After a few minutes, it shows you the number of shots on the same page. They support a lot of brands and models. Unfortunately, the number of shots cannot be shown for some models. For Canon, the top of these sites are www.myshuttercount.com  and www.camerashuttercount.com

You can select the photo from your computer by clicking UP LOAD on these sites and you can see the number of shots directly after uploading. It’s very practical. Although the sites are mostly Nikon and Canon, they can show some models of other brands.

There is also www.freeshuttercount.com. In this site, you download a calculation tool and you can see the curtain numbers of many brands and models through this tool. You can connect and learn the camera for supported models. A thousand interrogations are free. You need to get the pro version for later. If you want to look without connecting a camera from the computer, it also wants the pro version. And it shows you the last 3 digits. I should also add that it works with Sony, Nikon and Canon raw formats.

Learning Canon Shutter Count by Program

To find the number of Canon screens, the above sites work for many models. But some models do not appear on the above sites. For this, you need to download and install a program called Canon EOS info from the internet. You are installing and opening the program. In the meantime, you have to connect your machine to the computer. When you turn the camera on, the program automatically recognizes the machine and gives you information including the number of shots. You don’t need to connect to the internet online either.

Learning Nikon Shutter Count

There are 2 methods of learning the Nikon shutter number, just like Canon.

Learning the Nikon Shutter Number Online

There are websites that are especially useful for Nikon models. www.shuttercounter.com is one of them. If you upload the last photo taken with a Nikon camera as mentioned above to this site, it will show you how many shots your camera takes in a few minutes. Learning the shutter number is also simple for nikon.

Learning Nikon shutter count by Program

Another program that is claimed to be more useful especially for Nikon and Pentax models is PhotoMe. We download and install the program from its site. We open our photo by saying open file and all the information comes to us under different titles. The part of what I have written so far is very easy. The hard part is finding the number of shots. Who knows when I first installed, how many minutes did I look at the screen? Let me write here so that you do not tire. It says ‘shutter count’ somewhere on the bottom of the Manufacturers notes heading. That number is your curtain count. This program shows exif information of all photographs but not the number of screens of brands and models that it does not support. It shows the number of shots on models of Nikon and Pentax. Although it is rumored that some Canon models also show, none of the Canon models I have tried showed the number of shots.

Another program produced for Nikon is Camera Digital Exif Info. We install it and select the photo. It shows the number of shots similar to other programs. It is not difficult to find the number of shots as in some of the programs I wrote above, it appears immediately in front of you.

Learning Sony Shutter Count

It is possible to mention a few different methods for Sony.

Method 1: Some websites show only certain brands. For example, tools.science.si/index.php only shows the Sony brand. You can learn the number of screens of Sony brand cameras with the photo you will upload to this site. But I should also state that; According to Sony officials, this site is not authentic. However, some meticulous users believe in the accuracy of the values. In a video posted by Sony officials recently, they confirmed that the results of this site are very, very close to their results. A6000, nex and a7 and a7ii series have very close results. It was also mentioned that the deviation difference was caused by trials at the factory, etc. If you still don’t trust, the choice is up to you.

Method 2: I discovered a new method for you: you can easily learn the number of shots by downloading the Picture Information Extractor (PIE for short) image viewer from the internet  www.picmenta.com site and opening the pictures with this program. I tried to show it in the photo below.

Method 3: Similarly, the Opanda Exif program is one of the programs where you can query the number of shutters. No need to explain much; The results can be reached with very similar methods to what I wrote. You can find the programs and web pages I wrote above by searching the search engines. The rest is already above.

With the photo viewing tool I mentioned above, you can learn the number of shots of not only Sony but also more common brands like Nikon. Unfortunately, I can not try all of them since I do not have any brand machine. Nikon has been tried; Canon and Samsung have not tried. In some, it appears in the shutter count section and in some brands in the image count title. It is necessary to examine carefully. I think it is useful in many ways. jpeg or raw format doesn’t matter.

Learning Olympus – Panasonic Shutter Count

Things are a bit different than others to find the number of shutters of Olympus. The number of shots can be viewed on the machine. But it is almost necessary to make the machine ballet. Let me explain quickly:

” Hold down the menu button and turn on the camera, then release the menu button, press the menu button again and enter the menu, then come to the brightness and press the right button, then press the info button and then the OK button. Then, until the expression OLYMPUS E-0A 01 01 01 appears, press the up-down-left-right keys of the direction keys respectively and then press the shutter (shutter) key, then press the up key again. And you will see an interesting menu. This is the hidden menu. R (or MS) of the pages with the arrow keys R S C U V is the total number of shots.

There is also this information: Turn on the machine. Open the memory card cover. Press the “Play” and “OK” buttons at the same time. Press up, down, left and right on the setting wheel, respectively. Press the shutter button completely. Finally, press up on the adjustment wheel. ”

According to the information I received only from Olympus users, the number of shots was reset when the machines were updated. Care must be taken in this regard.

For Olympus, some models have been added to the machine’s menus. Finally, a company will have heard our cry. A pleasing development …

Since I was not very used to Panasonic cameras, I did not have a chance to try it. But when you search on the internet, it is stated that you can see it on the machine using methods similar to those in Olympus. Users forgive please.

Learning the Shutter Count of Samsung

Learning Samsung shutter count is also not difficult. We take auto mode. We put a file named nx_dev.adj on the memory card and insert it into the machine and hold down the down-arrow-top-arrow-right-right and then exposure compensation and arrow keys in the direction keys respectively. The shutter count will be easily removed from the drop-down menu. I am sharing a youtube link below. How to learn the number of shutters described in short video for Samsung nx300.


Fujifilm Shutter Count Not Learning:

Finally, let’s explain how to look at the number of shots on Fujifilm machines and finish it: There is no known method in Fujifim… Unfortunately…

Learning Shutter from Phone-Tablet:

In today’s mobile world, it is very easy to learn the number of shots of the cameras, especially in the Android system, there are many applications. If you search in Google play as shutter count, you can select and install one according to the rating numbers. Many programs I have tried are running. They work with uploading photos online, and for this you need to have a camera taken on your phone.

Last 2 methods for all brand-models:

++ One of the best methods for all brands and models is to look at the name of the photo. Photos are usually folder as 10.000. The folder and photo number can give you an idea even if it is not clear.

++ I leave the most guaranteed method of seeing the number of shots in the last paragraph. It seems a definite solution, although it is a little laborious and costly. Asking the authorized service. 🙂


Dear readers; the text above has been placed on the keyboard to guide some people in need. If you see missing or incorrect information, please inform in the comments section. In addition, you know another way than the methods mentioned above, please help readers by adding them in the comments section. Thank you for your attention.

The article is over 🙂 Make your light good quality.

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